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Just a Thought or Two: Don Needs a Job

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Sunday – May 14th, 2017

8:45 AM  | Classic Worship
10:00 AM | Classic Worship
in the Sanctuary at First Methodist

11:15 AM | Contemporary Worship
The Open Door at Buskirk-Chumley Theater



Don Needs a Job

A number of years ago, I offered to help at a non-profit (New Leaf – New Life), and they gave me the job of helping people write resumes and search for jobs online. Some weeks I helped people identify and fill out applications; some weeks I did nothing; and on one particular week, I helped a man named Don.

Don came in and began by telling me he badly needed a job, with several excellent reasons for this (monthly bills, medical bills, alimony, etc.). And then over the next few minutes, he told me his situation: he lived far away from most jobs in town; he had some felonies on his record; he had a significant back injury; and he was completely uncomfortable using modern technology.

I remember thinking, “Man, someone needs to help this guy find a job!”

And, to my credit, it only took a few seconds for me to realize that someone was me.

I don’t think we got him terribly far in an hour, but, after getting over being overwhelmed, I learned at least two things. First, I learned that I need God. I couldn’t solve this man’s problems – I needed a Jesus that sets the oppressed free for something like that. And, secondly, I learned that God needs me. God seems to have a history of using people (like Moses) who can’t solve others’ problems, but who can take a step of faith to better their own and someone else’s lives.


This week’s “Just a Thought…” was written by Markus Dickinson.

Markus and Stephanie Dickinson are active members and lay leaders at First Methodist.  In addition to work with Jubilee and the Connections Ministry Team, Markus and Stephanie also volunteer with New Leaf – New Life, Thriving Connections, and other community programs.



This Sunday at First Methodist, we’ll continue THE STORY by taking a look at Moses.

If you don’t yet have your own copy of THE STORY, you can purchase one from the church office for $10 or order online here.  If you’re interested in going deeper, the Adult Companion Guide is also available.





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