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FUMC Preschool

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FUMC Preschool is a ministry of First United Methodist Church. We are a program that serves families from all walks of life in the Bloomington community. FUMC Preschool is committed to creating a positive environment which supports the growth and development of each individual child.


The educational philosophy at FUMC Preschool is such that children can explore and learn about the world through play. The learning environment is child-centered and play-based. It is based on the knowledge that young children learn through their direct interactions with the environment and the people within it.

FUMC Preschool is committed to supporting each individual child’s development through an environment that offers educational choices and fosters creativity while encouraging the development of pro-social skills. FUMC Preschool is different from most programs in that it is a flexible pre-school program that provides affordable part-time and full-time care.


You will need to schedule a 15 minute appointment to enroll your child for the Fall 2016-2017 school year. Please contact us to schedule a time. We must have at least 24 hours between your enrollment appointment and your child’s first day of school. Please download the Enrollment Packet, fill it out completely and legibly, and bring the completed packet with you. You will need to bring all required materials to this appointment. For additional information, please call First Methodist Preschool at 812-339-0032 or e-mail the director (Teresa Biller) at tbiller@fumcb.org. Thank you!

Download Enrollment Packet


What is FUMC Preschool?
FUMC Preschool is a preschool program which serves children 8 weeks old through age five and offers flexible schedule options to parents.

What are the schedule choices that are available?
There are three different schedule choices. The part time choices are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (three days per week) as attendance days or Tuesdays and Thursdays (two days per week) as attendance days. Monday through Friday is the full time choice available. Once a child is enrolled, the entire day is reserved for the child. Parents are asked to use a minimum of five hours of care per day.

What are the charges for child care at FUMC Preschool?
Parents can choose a 5 hour option, a 6 hour option, or the full day option. The current fee schedule is below. A hourly option is no longer available.

Fees: 2016-2017: 5 Hours per Day
Infants $102 $68 $170
12-24 mo. $96 $64 $160
Age 2 $90 $60 $150
Age 3-5 $84 $56 $140
Fees: 2016-2017: 6 Hours per Day
Infants $120 $80 $200
12-24 mo. $114 $76 $190
Age 2 $108 $72 $180
Age 3-5 $102 $68 $170
Fees: 2016-2017: 7+ Hours per Day
Infants $138 $92 $230
12-24 mo. $129 $86 $215
Age 2 $120 $80 $200
Age 3-5 $111 $74 $185
*Parents with a second child will receive a 5% weekly discount. Families with 3 or more children will receive a 7% discount and many, many hugs.

What are the hours that FUMC Preschool is open?
FUMC Preschool is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for all children.

Is FUMC Preschool open all year long?
FUMC Preschool follows the Monroe County School Corporation calendar and is open whenever the Monroe County Schools are open. It closes on any of the days the Monroe County Schools are closed, including inclement weather closings.

Does FUMC Preschool offer a summer program?
Yes, Summer FUMC Preschool runs for seven weeks of the summer.  It is open to all children enrolled in FUMC Preschool and siblings. It spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis. Please note that an additional school age class is available for FUMC Preschool.

How can I enroll my child in FUMC Preschool?
FUMC Preschool has a waiting list. Your child can be placed on this waiting list by visiting the program or by calling 812-339-0032 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Is it possible to have a tour of the program?
Yes, parents are encouraged to schedule a tour so they can view the classrooms “in action” at FUMC Preschool and can have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. A tour can be scheduled by calling 812-339-0032.

For additional information, please call FUMC Preschool at 812-339-0032 or e-mail the director (Teresa Biller) at tbiller@fumcb.org.

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