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For families losing a loved one, planning a funeral can be overwhelming.  In this time of grief, we extend to you the comforting love and grace of Jesus Christ, and we want to provide the best care that we can for you.

In the funeral or memorial service, the church is bold to proclaim that the loved one who has died has been raised to new life in Christ and is now gathered with the saints in communion with God.  The church building is holy space, and you are encouraged to use the church for the service for your loved one.

If the decision is made to have a service at FUMC, it is hoped that the following information will be helpful.

  • Please contact the church as soon as possible, and provide full contact information at that time.  It is important that the church be contacted whether you are a member or not.  The ministerial staff will be informed immediately.  If a particular minister is requested, availability of the minister will be determined.  If you are calling after regular office hours, there is now an emergency phone number in the church’s after hours message.  By calling that number, you will be connected with a minister who is on call.
  • Once the presiding minister is determined, that person will work closely with the family and help the family plan the service. After talking with the family, the minister will inform the church staff about requests concerning music, custodial services and ushers, and whether a reception or meal is desired.  At this time the receptionist may be called upon to help with these details.
  • The Bereavement Meal Monthly Chairs will provide either a full meal for up to 50 persons or a reception after the service for over 50.  If a meal is desired, then the meal can be provided at the home, church, or funeral home.  The minister will ask for this information when in conversation with the family.
  • There are set costs for the services of the organist, a soloist (if requested), as well as bulletins for the service.  Please contact the office for this information.  The funeral home will often work with the church to include these costs, or the family can work with the church directly.
  • FUMC is in the process of planning an on-site columbarium.  Information is available upon request.

The pastors regularly officiate at funerals which are held at mortuaries and chapels located off-site. However, please contact the church office to schedule the services before the time for the service has been set. The pastoral staff almost always can provide options for the time of the service, but families need to work out a time that is workable for both for the family and the officiating pastor.

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