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Childcare Coordinator

This is a new paid staff position that is approximately 6-10 hours per week.

The Childcare Coordinator will be responsible for scheduling part-time childcare workers on Sunday mornings as well as during various monthly meetings & seasonal events.  Sunday morning availability is required but otherwise the hours are flexible.  Pay rate is dependent upon experience.

Please submit resume, along with references, to Shelby Rodney at srodney@fumcb.org.  Please contact Shelby if you have questions.


Director of Youth & College-Aged/Young Adult Ministries


Position Summary

The successful candidate will provide leadership and direction for a relational youth ministry comprised of 50-60 middle and high school youth; and for Jubilee, our college & young adult ministry.

S/he will have an engaging personality; a love for Jesus; a “builder” mentality; a passion for youth and college-aged and young adults, and their concerns, spiritual growth, and engagement with the church; a good work ethic; an ability to plan independently; administrative skills; an ability to work in a team environment; and a good sense of humor.

With youth, this Christ-centered, delegating leader will collaborate with church staff and adult volunteers to create a comprehensive and diverse faith-based program, which will facilitate the students’ growth in a safe and secure environment.  The Director will work to create opportunities for youth that foster a community, challenge their faith, and encourage them to grow together as individuals and as a community.

With the college-age and young adult ministry, the candidate would be responsible for the direction, leadership, and growth of Jubilee by fostering opportunities for young adults to grow together as individuals and as a community, continually encouraging them in their faith while guiding them forward.  The Director will also work with a team of paid student interns recruited through a two-year vocational discernment program who will be responsible for implementing the ministry vision laid out by the Director.  One of the primary areas of focus will be the development of an effective small-group ministry for Jubilee.

This position reports directly to the First Methodist Pastors.



  • Develop and lead programming that articulates the vision of the church community (to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world) and engages youth and young adults in the ongoing discernment and accomplishment of the vision.
  • Organize and lead youth activities including fellowship activities, service opportunities, and spiritual growth opportunities. This includes a yearly, weeklong mission trip in the summer.
  • Conduct ongoing outreach to youth, encouraging youth participation and soliciting their input and feedback. Keep parents updated on youth activities and ministry strategies in a way that encourages partnership and involvement.
  • Provide outreach to youth in community settings – e.g., attending plays, soccer games, dance recitals, etc. Approximately one event per week.
  • Understand and act upon the expectation of growth – both spiritual growth development AND reaching additional youth.
  • Be active in leadership development of volunteers and have excellent delegation skills.
  • Develop, implement, and grow the small group ministry within Jubilee.
  • Help young adults transition from passive attendees to excited and active Christ-followers who use their gifts and talents to build the Kingdom of God.
  • Lead Jubilee Outreach Ministry, which includes an annual spring break mission trip.
  • The position requires dynamic commitment to mentoring Jubilee students spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically as active followers of Christ while cultivating a strong teaching ministry.
  • Become an active participant at First Methodist and our contemporary Open Door service.

Administrative Requirements

  • Maintain electronic communication, including social media and email, oral communication, and written communication with youth, parents, Jubilee members, volunteers, and the congregation at large.
  • Retain health, release, and safety records for youth participants and adult volunteers.
  • Establish yearly youth and Jubilee budgets and manage all expenditures. This includes multiple fundraising ventures.
  • Maintain and update contact information for all youth, families, and Jubilee members.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Possess outstanding planning and organizational skills.
  • Proficient communicator including but not limited to the majority of social media platforms, email, oral, written, and visual communications.  Must possess Microsoft Office skills.


  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree, preferably in related field.
  • Energetic and passionate in dealing with youth and young adults.
  • Experienced and sensitive in dealing with emotional and developmental needs of youth and young adults.
  • Deal effectively with conflict.
  • Able to plan and lead youth and young adult programming, while building teams of adult volunteers to help support and run programs.
  • Enthusiastic about working as a supportive member of a Christ-centered, mission-driven, high-trust ministry team.
  • Well-developed interpersonal and organizational skills with ability to work effectively with diverse leaders, volunteers, and members of a church congregation.
  • Able to work in a collaborative environment.
  • Able to communicate one-on-one and in large groups with people of all ages.
  • Self-starter and self-motivator, able to work flexibly with both close and distant supervision.
  • Outgoing, engaging, generally extroverted; “builder” mentality.
  • Ability to occasionally lift heavy items and participate in activities that require a certain level of physical fitness.
  • Knowledge and support of basic United Methodist beliefs and principles.


Applicants must have Sunday availability during morning worship services, evening youth group times, and Wednesday evenings for Jubilee meeting times.

This is a full time position without health benefits, but pension contributions are available after 1 year of service.

Salary is dependent on experience, education, and skill set of the candidate. Desired start date is January 1, 2018.

Please submit resume, along with references, to Cath Foreman at cforeman@fumcb.org Please contact Cath if you have questions.



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